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Former guitarist for Grey Sky Morning. Plain ordinary Asian guy & low profile featuring unknown, rocks, rats and rapture.

Location: 42000-Malaysia
Email: eezwanlee@me.com / khairoleezwanlee@gmail.com

 Macbook Pro user.


I tried this. There’s the side of Youtube where it’s all glorified versions of sex and partying, screaming, basses dropping, and autotune being abused, and then there’s here. Here is a continuous gateway to beautiful music, so long as you explore your side bar with care and a certain amount of expertise. Here is where music has meaning and depth, sound and qualtiy. This is the hidden side of Youtube. It’s anything but the same.

1. Open ‘Good Occasions’ by Marble Sounds in another tab. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8eGJuVZ3oM)
2. Restart both videos and pause.
3. Play in sync.
4. Love music like you never have before.

Korang akan dengar 2 lagu jadi satu. :)

— 2 years ago